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Brice Fleutiaux, otage en Tchéchénie
Brice Fleutiaux

IS NOW FREE !!!!!!!


Brice Fleutiaux is 32 years old, married, father of a 4 year old girl and has been photoreporter for about 10 years.

Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Khashmir, Thailand, Bosnia, Romania... in as many countries, situations and conflicts where he has been a witness while exercising his profession. At the end of September 1999, he left for Chehchenya ... On the 31st of October, after a month without any news from him, the FSB (the ex KGB) broadcasted a video of Brice. He revealed he had benn kidnapped on October the 1st and asked for help.

To this day, two writen messsages and two vidocassettes have reached the family via the French authorities. The latest information from the Russian and French authorities seems to indicate his imminent freedom. But Brice will be free when he is back in his country. A support group set up by his family and friends has been created in Toulouse (France).

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